Course Description

Birth Your Book Bootcamp 

SELF-STUDY Experience 

is a results-based digital training designed for writers looking to monetize their expertise & experiences, launch their books with impact, expand their influence, and build irresistible author brands.

Write with ease. 

Eliminate writer's block.

Finally experience the joy of completing your book!

Hello there soon-to-be-author,

I know a little something about you.

  • You have a powerful message to share, but you're not sure how to piece it all together

  • You have many ideas for your book, but you don't know where or how to start

  • You've been waiting for the "perfect" time to write, and if you're honest enough to admit, you've wasted precious time 

  • I know you've hit writer's block a time or two

  • And, you keep starting and stopping.....

BUT, you know 

If you had a writing proven strategy

AND if you discovered the steps you need to make your writing come easy,

you would FINALLY be able to meet your goal and finish your book


  • Writing with ease every time your fingers tap the computer keys

  • Sitting down and the words simply flowing from your mind without a struggle 

  • Knowing exactly how to grab your readers' attention without wondering if you're writing the 'right way'

  • Writing consistently because writer's block has been eliminated forever

  • Holding your completed manuscript in your hands

  • Finally being able to experience the joy of finishing your book!

This will be your beautiful reality after enrolling in the Birth Your Book Bootcamp Self-Study Experience!


-Hook readers and keep them turning the pages of your book

-Share your expertise and passion in a way that impacts lives and sells!

-Tell your story from a place of triumph and victory 

-Outline your book like a pro!

-Say 'goodbye' to writer's block forever, 

-Have productive writing sessions every time your fingers tap the computer keys!

-Inspire people from a place of authenticity, realness, and relevance 

-Craft a sizzlin' story line and an amazing author bio 

-Write a book description that persuade people to buy your book

-Promote and sell your book with confidence and ease

Birth Your Book Bootcamp is packed with practical & proven strategies used to birth multiple 

Amazon Best Selling books!

The books of our Bootcamp graduates have been featured at

The Essence Festival and notable conferences. 

Our writers have become

Award Winning Authors! 

You are next! 

It's your time to experience author success!


-Michele Pitts-Brown, Development Disabilities Consultant

Christina Leeman, Founder of LovesWayHealth 


-Seven (7) Learning Modules with Step-by-Step Video Trainings:

Module 1: Clarify your purpose & Identify Your Position

Module 2: Manuscript Mapping & Planning

Module 3: Outlining Like a Pro

Module 4: Mindset, Movement, & Manuscript Development

Module 5: Positioning for Authorpreneur Success

Module 6: Passion to Publication

Module 7: Developing Your Book Description, Author Bio, and Essentials

-Six (6) Companion Guides

- Includes lesson notes and mini-workbook activities

-One (1) Outline Template Example

-A sample of the exact outline Teresa used to write her bestselling book


Bonus 1. Get Started, Get Finished, Get Published Masterclass & Companion Guide

Bonus 2. MINI AUDIO CLASS: "Protect Yourself: How to Write Without Being Sued"

Bonus 3: Truth2RenewHearts' Editing & Publishing Guides

*As you join the Bootcamp Self-Study Experience, you are gaining access to proven, results based writing strategies via the training replays from the LIVE experience. 

Life-Makeover Strategist. Writing Consultant. Transformational Speaker

Teresa Renee Hunt, M.Ed.

Teresa Renee Hunt equips Believers to live and lead with power and purpose so they can increase their influence, magnify their impact, and build the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome! A Message For You

    • Contact Information

  • 2

    BONUS Introductory Class: Get Started, Get Finished, Get Published (An Overview)

    • Get Started, Get Finished, Get Published Class

    • Companion Workbook

  • 3

    Module 1: Clarity is Key

    • Clarity Is Key- Video Training

    • Clarity is Key Activity

  • 4

    Module 2: Manuscript Map

    • Manuscript Map Description- Video 2

    • Brain Dump,Let it all out- Acvitity

  • 5

    Module 3: Outline Like A Pro

    • Outline Like a Pro- Video Training

    • How To Develop Your Outline

    • Outline Example

  • 6

    Celebrate Your Wins!

    • Celebrate Your Wins!

  • 7

    Module 4: Manuscript Development

    • Mindset, Movement, & Manuscript Development- Video Training

    • How To Develop Your Manuscript

    • Be Strategic: Writing in a Manner that Avoids a Lawsuit

  • 8

    Module 5: Positioned for Authorpreneur Success!

    • Positioned for Success- Video Training

    • PDF Powerpoint

  • 9

    Module 6: Passion to Publication

    • Passion to Publication: Video Training

    • Passion to Publication- Live Training Notes

  • 10

    Module 7: Book Essentials

    • How To Write Your Book Description & Author Bio

    • Quick Tips for Writing Your Book Essentials

  • 11

    Your Guide to Editing and Publishing

    • Special Message Inside- Essential Note

    • Christian Editorial Standards

    • Christian Editorial Standards Review- Agreement

    • Truth2RenewHearts Publishing- Editing Guide

    • Truth2RenewHearts Publishing- Publishing Guide